Racism, discrimination allegations have no basis

– Public Service Minister

The PPP/C government has had a track record of taking the welfare of all Guyanese into account at all times, and any claims of racism or discrimination, therefore, have no basis.

These statements were made by Public Service Minister, Sonia Parag, during an interview on the sidelines of a recent event.

Responding to allegations made against the administration by the opposition, Minister Parag highlighted that the work of the PPP/C spans across the length of Guyana.

Recently, the Leader of the PNC, Aubrey Norton, claimed that the PPP/C was prejudiced against Mocha Arcadia residents due to the majority being Afro-Guyanese.

“We don’t discriminate against any community…. Every programme that has been rolled out has been for the benefit of all Guyanese across the 10 administrative regions,” Minister Parag stated.

She noted that programmes and projects implemented by the ruling party, which include housing, infrastructure, scholarships and agriculture, have catered to every class of Guyanese, irrespective of race, ability or location.

“All the statistics are there to prove for themselves, so you know, the talk of discrimination is really just a narrative for people to buy into so that they can have some sort of relevance,” she said.

Further, she highlighted ongoing works in Mocha Arcadia as evidence of the government’s works in the community.

“Thousands of persons are going to be benefitting from the new Barnwell Road that is going to be built. We have had the Burnham Boulevard that has been [commended] by many residents residing on that road…. The residents were quite happy, and we are quite happy with the finished product.”

The Burnham Boulevard was recently commissioned by the President Dr Irfaan Ali, during an outreach to the community with other ministers of government.

During that time, they addressed pressing issues and concerns, as well as challenges faced among residents of the community.

“Likewise, we are doing the same thing across the country. Different ministers of the cabinet as well as His Excellency, the Vice President, and our honourable Prime Minister. We have been going across the country to let residents know of the programmes that are being rolled out, and the initiatives that are being rolled out…. So, it matters not where you live, it matters not your ethnicity,” Minister Parag said.

Public Service Minister, Sonia Parag

She reiterated that the discrimination card is one constantly used by the opposition to create division, but has never had any foundation of truth.

“Again, our stats are there to prove that we have been catering, and will continue to always cater for the welfare of all Guyanese,” she said.

Addressing AFC Member of Parliament, Nima Flue-Bess, who undermined the work of the PPP/C government in Mocha Arcadia, Minister Parag once again touched on additional projects implemented by the PPP/C Administration.

These included an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) training hub and drainage works conducted by the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) under the Ministry of Agriculture; despite it being the responsibility of the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC).

Thirteen of the 16 persons who partook in the ICT hub were later contacted for employment by a customer service Agency.“So, quality work is ongoing, and we will always commit to giving quality programmes and quality benefits to our people.”