Recognise your worth

―GWI host workshop for Intl Men’s Day

Calls on men to value themselves

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, November 19, 2019

“It is time for men to acknowledge their value and the importance of their involvement whether it be the family dynamic or professionally.” The was the view expressed by Managing Director of the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), Dr. Richard Van West Charles.

This sentiment was shared, on Tuesday, during the agency’s one-day workshop catered to staff members in commemoration of International Men’s Day. The exercise was held at the Regency Hotel, under the theme, “Making a difference for men and boys”.

Dr. Van-West Charles continued, “Today is a day for reflection, a day for discourse on the role of the male in society, as a whole but also specifically in terms of family, community and the nation; so, it calls for us to reflect. It is important for us, as a nation to be able to see how best as we move forward to ensure that the young growing boys do not make the mistakes others have made before,”

According to the Managing Director, in today’s society because of the actions of a few, men are often stereotyped. Therefore, changes must be made to mould a nation where young men are guided to make better decisions by following the examples of positive male role models.

This exercise, he noted, is an acknowledgement of the good job done by their male employees whilst providing both male and female staffers (attending the workshop) the opportunity to learn from each other. The workshop also aimed to raise awareness on the importance of maintaining good physical and mental health in men.

Director of GWI’s Board, Dr. Wilbert Lee also shared similar sentiments whilst posing the question – ‘What is the measure of a man?’ Dr. Lee then posited the current dynamic that some men play in today’s society – where they are either absent in the lives of their children or have adopted a casual approach to furthering their education.

“We are told that next year, 2020 the economy of this nation will grow by some 86 percent and that is phenomenal but how are we, as men prepared for that…we need to work towards the greater good for ourselves and our children. We need to more involved in the lives of our children…we have to build a strong home for a strong nation,” Lee noted.

It was disclosed by Public Relations Officer Leana Bradshaw that the agency recently launched a Cross-Curricular Creativity training programme which provided 35 employees with a second chance to complete their secondary education. The participants of the one-year programme attend scheduled classes 4 days a week. Upon completion, they are expected to write CSEC examinations. The participants include craftsmen, sewer maintenance workers, pump operators and labourers. The training programme is a collaboration between the utility company and Chase Academy.

International Men’s Day has been observed annually on November 19 since February 1992. The six pillars of International Men’s Day” include focusing on men’s and boys’ health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and highlighting male role models.