Recreational facility at Onderneeming to be rehabilitated

The Ministry of Housing and Water will be rehabilitating a recreational park at Onderneeming, West Bank Demerara, under its Adequate Housing and Urban Accessibility project.

This is according to Minister Collin Croal, as he highlighted his ministry’s development plans for Region Three, during the core homes handing-over ceremony on Tuesday.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal during his visit to Region Three

“We will be doing over the playfield where we will provide a circumference for persons who want to exercise and build a bleacher at the top or a flat portion where you can have sessions or engagement with clubs,” Minister Croal explained.

He noted that a washroom facility will also be constructed within the facility.

According to the minister, soon engineers and technical personnel from the housing ministry will be identifying the park for rehabilitation.

“We have to identify the ground to submit for new objections for the infrastructure works to go out to tender and then we will commence other works from there,” the housing minister stated.

The rehabilitation and construction of various recreational facilities is a part of the government’s wider plan to create family-oriented environments in almost all housing schemes across the country.

Along with building houses, the ministry has constructed a number of recreational parks and multipurpose facilities in the Sophia Housing Scheme.

The ministry will soon be constructing recreational facilities in the Herstelling Housing Scheme, Portion C, East Bank Demerara, and along the East Coast.

A number of other areas have been approved for the rehabilitation of old grounds and construction of new recreational facilities, Minister Croal said.