Reg. 6 municipalities working to stop spread of COVID-19

─Businesses advised to reduce hours

DPI, Tuesday, March 31, 2020

 The three municipalities in East Berbice-Corentyne region have implemented several initiatives aimed at helping to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID -19).

Among the measures implemented, are the installations of sinks at markets as well as reduced hours of operations for non-essential businesses and increased sanitation.

Photo 1

A resident of Corriveton washes his hands before entering the market

All three markets will now see their hours of operations limited to 06:00hrs to noon daily. The New Amsterdam and Corriverton Markets will also be closed completely on Wednesdays and Sundays to facilitate additional sanitation in those towns.

The Corriverton market has also closed off two of their five entrances limiting it to three. A sink has been installed at each of those entrances to ensure everyone entering the market washes their hands. The reduced number of entrances will ensure fewer people enter the facility.

Similarly, Rose Hall Market has also installed sinks and is expected to install several more during the week.

Photo 2

A sign placed at one of the entrances of Skeldon Market

The Corrivertown municipality has also advised businesses to limit the number of patrons to no more than 10 at any time. Gatherings of more than 10 persons will see the proprietor subjected to fines from the municipality and imminent closure

Each business establishment within the town is mandated to have a sink with soap installed in their premises for patrons.

Further, the municipality has announced as of April 1, 2020, all religious organisations/public gathering are limited to three persons and a social distance of three to six feet must be maintained.

All roadside vending has ceased immediately. No dining at restaurants is permitted however take out service is advised and eateries are expected to close at 16:00hrs. Other businesses are expected to close 17:00 and non-essential trades are expected at close at 18:00 hrs. Residents are also asked to be indoors by 19:00 hrs.

Meanwhile, The New Amsterdam Municipality has placed a curfew on residents to be off the roadways by 19:00hrs. All non-essential businesses have been closed such as bars/hangout spots, beauty parlours, barbershops.  Groceries and supermarkets will now close at 16:30hrs daily. The main business area of Pitt Street has been closed as well, while all religious organisations have been advised to cease all services.

In Rose Hall Town and its neighbouring communities, the business community decided to close their stores half-day while rotating their staff. Some businesses have installed sinks and provide hand sanitisers to customers and staff, while some have announced voluntary closure until further notice.

Photo 3

Sanitation work at Pitt Street, New Amsterdam on Tuesday

Sanitisation of the commercial area in New Amsterdam, Pitt Street by the New Amsterdam Mayor and Town Council with support from the Regional Health Authority began on Tuesday morning.

Thus far, Region 6 has recorded one confirmed case of the coronavirus.