Region 9 chairman proud of developments under Coalition

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, December 5, 2019

Regional Chairman of the Upper Takatu-Upper Essequibo region Brian Allicock says he is proud of the transformative developments they see under the coalition government.

Allicock said he is genuinely concerned about the people of Region 9 and called on residents to support the developments.


Regional Chairman, Region Nine, Brian Allicock

“The kind of developments that are happening within this region, being the head of the region, I feel proud. I told the President [David Granger] once, I welcome any development regardless of where it is coming from, once it is for the people, I welcome it. And I am sure you welcome this kind of development also,” he said.

Allicock was at the time addressing Sand Creek residents at the commissioning of a $25 Million well by the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI). It was the fourth well commissioned in less than a week.

“I am happy when I heard that pensioners like myself getting showers in their homes, that’s great, very great. I am thankful to GWI and the government of this country, and I know that we will continue to get that kind of support as we go along,” the chairman said.

“The engineers said they attached water to the schools and the Health centre, I felt so relieved, and with 272 feet well, I don’t think it will be dried up for just now.”

Allicock stated that there was overall transformation and he singled out the education and health sectors.

“We have to address these things. It is our students; it is the future of the country we are looking at. So, I am very thankful, and we all have to be thankful. People, we have to support these events,” he proclaimed.

Twenty-six wells have been set up during his tenure, the chairman relayed.

“I am happy because most times when I visit, I get the licks. Well, thankfully, we have people with reason and understanding so that we work together to achieve what we set out to do.”