Region Five residents encourage others to get vaccinated

Residents of Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice), who have taken the Covid vaccine are encouraging others to do the same to safeguard themselves, families and by extension their communities and the country.

On Thursday, DPI visited vaccination sites at the Fort Wellington Secondary School, Bushlot Health Centre, Mahaicony Community Centre, High Dam Health Centre and Rosignol Health Centre and spoke with several individuals who took the vaccine.

Mr. Azim Inshal said, “my advice to everyone would be to come out and take the vaccine because we in Guyana, we are at an advantage, our population is not that big and I think we are one step ahead to control this Coronavirus.”

Mr. Azim Inshal poses after taking his Covid jab

Another citizen, Mr. Aliumudeen Rahamansaid, “the Vaccine is very good, yo don’t feel nothing, just like ah ants-bite. And I encourage all de people dem fuh come out and tek the vaccine Its good fuh u health and each and everybody health. So tek de vaccine its very good.”

Ms. Crystallanne Ramrattan also encouraged others to get the vaccine, as more persons being inoculated means the country will be closer to retuning to normalcy. “I advise you all to come get the vaccine as it is one step back into normalising society and one step to getting us back together, back in our regular schedule.”

Ms. Crystallanne Ramrattan holds up her Covid-19 Vaccination Card

Meanwhile her mother, Ms. Shelly Ramrattan pleaded with the younger individuals to make it their duty to get vaccinated. She said, “I would encourage everyone to come out and get vaccinated because you feel safe, your family become safe, your community and everyone. I also encourage the young people to make it mandatory and come out and get vaccinated.”

Ms. Shelly Ramrattan holds up her Covid-19 Vaccination

The Ministry of Health is urging individuals 18 years and older to get inoculated against Covid, as the country aims to achieve herd immunity.

The Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali-led Administration has secured vaccines for its citizens with another consignment of 38,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccines expected in May.

While taking the vaccine is not mandatory, President Ali has called on individuals to adhere to the health guidelines, including adhering to the curfew, wearing masks while in public, social distancing and frequently sanitising.

Ms. Somrani Harold proudly displays her Covid-19 Vaccination Card