Region Five Smart Health Centers completed-  to be commissioned by month end

DPI, Guyana, Monday, March 12, 2018

Two Smart Health Centres in Region Five (Mahaica/Berbice) have been completed and are to be commissioned by the end of March.

The construction of the centres, located at Carlton Hall, Mahaicony, and Mon Choisi on the West Coast of Berbice, was carried out at a cost of $47M.

Centre at Carlton Hall.

Regional Engineer, Dhanpaul Sukha explained that the concept of “Smart” health facilities is to provide dynamic and engaging settings that cater to the individualised needs of patients and identify opportunities for staff and administrators to broaden treatment options, as well as the location where that treatment is provided.

The new centre at Carlton Hall replaces the building currently being used at neighbouring High Dam. According to Sukha, the building at High Dam served more as a community centre than a health facility.  The major disadvantage was the fact that the health facilities were situated on the upper floor of the building, thereby posing a hazard for patients who had to negotiate the stairs.

The centres at Mon Choisi replaces the one currently at Cotton Tree, which had been constructed on a plot of privately owned land.

The new facilities will contain facilities such as a ramp for access by disabled persons, washroom facilities for handicapped people, lots of natural ventilation, adequate fire protection, as well as green economy concepts such as the installation of LED light bulbs in the buildings instead of the traditional fluorescent lights.

Engineer Sukha said that the centres were completed on schedule, however, the compounds still need to be ‘in-filled’ and provided with landscaping which will enhance the aesthetics of the two buildings. This will be completed in two weeks after which the buildings will be formally commissioned.

The two health centres are among fourteen others which are operating throughout the Region ensuring satisfactory and appropriate health care is made available to all the residents in the Region regardless of whether they reside in riverine areas or along the coast.

Centre at Mon Choisi.


By: Clifford Stanley