Region Nine leading hinterland in Covid 19 vaccination for 5-11 years.

Region Nine (Upper Takatu/Upper Essequibo) is leading the way in the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 vaccination of children ages 5-11 years.

The region is ahead of Regions One, Seven and Eight with 39.9 percent first dose vaccination.

One of the children who were vaccinated.

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony said Wednesday that since vaccination for this age group began in June, some hinterland regions areas are doing better than others.

“First dose coverage in Region Nine is about, so when you consider that the average across the country is 3.7%, Region Nine first dose us 39.9 percent, that’s very good, when you look at their second dose, they haven’t done any second dose as yet,” Dr. Anthony said.

He said some time needs to elapse before the second dose is rolled out in this region.

Region Eight (Potaro /Sipuruni) follows closely with a 36 percent coverage, with 2.8 per cent taking a second dose.

Children in line to get vaccinated when the vaccines were first rolled out at the National Culture Centre Tarmac.

Region Seven has a 4.7 per cent coverage for the first dose, while the second dose is 3.7 per cent.

Region One currently has three per cent coverage with a second dose coverage of 0.3 per cent.

Vaccination for children ages 5-11 in Guyana was first introduced in June 11, and so far, 6,819 children have taken a first dose of the vaccine, while 1,967 have taken a second dose.

Meanwhile, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to take its toll on the population, Minister Anthony believes that the current number does not represent the reality of the situation as persons are not tested frequently.

“So, the numbers remain artificially low, so that’s something that we have to bear in mind, so the numbers that we see and that we report, we think are an underestimate, and it’s not a phenomenon that is only happening in Guyana but is happening across the globe,” Dr. Anthony said.

The current first dose vaccination rate for adults is at 86.8 per cent with 67.2 per cent second dose.

While 48.6 per cent of the 12-17 population has had a first dose with 35.5 per cent taking a second dose.

The health minister is also urging persons who have had both first and second doses to take their booster shots as so far, only 71,000 booster doses have been administered.