Region Nine Toshaos applaud development in their communities

Guyana’s indigenous communities are experiencing a transformation under the ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic government with a focus on bridging the gap between coastal and hinterland areas.

This has led to them accessing essential services and the overall standard of living being drastically improved.

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali interacting with some of the village leaders of Region Nine

Improved roads and bridges, new schools and health facilities and access to potable water are just some of the amenities that are empowering these communities to reach their full potential. 

Last week, President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali visited several areas in Region Nine (Upper Takutu, Upper Essequibo), where he highlighted significant investments being poured into hinterland villages.

He also announced another $1 billion in investments for the Rupununi. 

At these engagements, several toshaos took the opportunity to express their appreciation for the tangible improvements that are transforming the lives of their people. 

Gregory David from Karaudarnau village, South Rupununi, provided a brief outline of the projects unfolding in his community, fueled by funds garnered through the government’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS). 

“I want to thank the Government of Guyana, especially His Excellency for his strong commitments to giving us these funds to do our community development projects,” he said on Friday.

Like David, Raymond Griffith of Potarinau village is satisfied with the work that the government is doing to bring prosperity to obscure and far-flung areas. 

Griffith said, “I’m very happy with this government, because we know how things were with the previous party, but this is the one we suggested, and we will support the PPP again.”

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali and Regional Chairman, Bryan Allicock

Meanwhile, Toshao of Achiwab village, Westmas Albert said, “I would like to thank the government for the support that Achiwab village has been receiving for the past three years.”

For Toshao Ambrose of Maruranau, it is a great relief to finally see development emerging in his community.

“[During my first term as toshao], I did not see any development in my community. This second [term], now I see improvements, and projects are coming into my community. This is from this government,” he emphasised. 

According to President Ali, within the last three years, 3,768 residents from Karaudarnau, Shea, Maruranau, Awarewaunau, Aishalton, Achiwib, Parabara and Baishaza have benefitted from billions in investments, which includes $133 million in Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) funds

The toshaos said that these allocations are driving several large-scale projects in transportation, agriculture and education, promoting sustainability.

Another Toshao, Issac Krauder, said that under the stewardship of the PPP/C government, the Rupununi is experiencing rapid advancements. 

“We want to thank the government for a lot of development that is happening in the community, tremendous transformation under the leadership of President Dr Irfaan Ali,” Krauder said. 

Bonaventure Fernandez also commended the government’s efforts.

He said “Bringing us future and present plans of the government, that your government have for Amerindian living and the hinterland on the river and communities…your government has done a tremendous thing for Amerindian villages across this country. Thank you very much.”

Senior Counselor of Merriwo, Ms Spencer, added her voice to the mix, showering praises on the government’s development strategy. 

“I must say, thanks to the government… Thanks to the loving, caring government. How much we love you and your loving and caring government,” she told the head table, which included Minister of Natural Resources, Vickram Bharrat and Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand. 

This year’s budget also reflects this unwavering commitment to Amerindian development, allocating a staggering $9 billion for this cause.

This comprehensive package encompasses economic projects, the Presidential Grants program, support for the National Toshaos Council conference, and crucial land titling initiatives. 

An additional $2.7 billion will also be injected this year from the carbon credits program, providing a further boost to these communities.