Region Six benefits from improved health services

Over the past three years, the government has made substantial investments to upgrade the health system across Region Six, ensuring the medical needs are met for both patients and health personnel.

The financial injection has allowed patients to minimise both their travel and wait times at different healthcare facilities.

Regional Chairman, David Armogan

The investments have also facilitated improved access to timely and efficient healthcare services for a number of local communities in the ancient county.

Speaking at the sod-turning ceremony for the US $161 million New Amsterdam Hospital on Sunday, Regional Chairman, David Armogan explained that the establishment of new health centres is bringing extreme ease to the main hospitals.

“New health centres have been opened and all of them are being serviced by doctors unlike many years ago. Patients can also collect their medications from the nearest health centres, especially those who have chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. So, they don’t have to go to the regional hospitals,” the chairman explained.

One of the new health centres built in the region in 2023

He added that the hospitals have also been equipped with digital X-rays and have been receiving adequate amounts of medications to be prescribed and distributed to persons in need.

“In the past, you would’ve recognised that the cry of the people in the region has always been a shortage of drugs and medicine. But that is not so today, our government and the Ministry of Health by extension have ensured that we have a ready supply of medicines so that patients do not have to go and buy medications at private pharmacies in the region,” Armogan stated.

He added that the act of steadily supplying medications has also been helping the patients to save money.

A new medical equipment brought to the health centre to advance and decentralise various modern health services

Meanwhile, alluding to the construction of the new state-of-the-art New Amsterdam hospital, the regional official said this will bring the infrastructure of the public health facilities to an excellent standard.

“We look forward to the completion of this new hospital so that patients can access the same medical services compared to any of the private hospitals in Guyana and perhaps in the Caribbean,” the chairman posited.