Region Six continues to benefit from gov’t intervention to advance development

Villages in Region Six continue to benefit from government’s intervention to advance development in the geographical location.

On Saturday Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha visited the region where he listened to the concerns of the residents of Sandvoort, Mibikuri, Eversham and Number 63 village.

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha during the outreach today in Region Six

Some of the issues included proper accessibility to important facilities in the region, land regularisation for farming and cattle rearing, drainage and irrigation among others.

As such, the minister has since committed to building two bridges in the Mibikuri village to allow the residents to have better accessibility so that they can conduct their businesses in a safe and efficient manner.

He asserted to the residents that lands will soon be made available to the villagers of Sandvoort to ensure that their crops are cultivated on fertile lands and their cattle are reared in a safe and open ground.

Additionally, very soon engineers from the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) will be visiting all three villages to conduct inspection so that drainage work can commence.

Residents will also be provided with farming implements as requested while a few schools in the villages will be assisted by the ministry in establishing gardens for the benefit of the students.

With all the assistance being given to these citizens, Minister Mustapha noted that it is government’s effort and aim to provide them with every possible tool they need to aid in the development of their villages and to extent the country.

He added that this will continue to be done until the country is fully developed and reach self sufficiency.

“We are doing work all across this country. It is important that if we want to be a good producing country or if you want to be a food producer then we as a government have to ensure that we provide the necessary infrastructure available, tools and measures to you the citizens so that you can have access to them to help develop yourselves and the country at large. And that is just what we are doing and continue to do,” the minister posited.

Some of the residents at the community engagement in Region Six

Minister Mustapha went on to say that with the contribution of citizens to the agriculture sector, then Guyana is poised for sustainable greatness. According to him, investing in the sector will automatically see other sectors being developed as well, since food is what drives overall development.

As a result he encouraged the residents continue to collaborate with the government so that they can work closely together to transform the country.

“All these villages are important areas for us. And as government we are not only placing the attention in the oil and gas sector but in agriculture which is perhaps the most important sector for us. So,  we need your help,” the minister stressed.  

Moreover, the agriculture minister also highlighted the numerous ways in which the residents will benefit from the 2024 $1.146 trillion budget. He said that these interventions shows how committed the government is to bettering the lives of all citizens.