Region Six to create new CIIP groups

The Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region Six hopes to soon establish additional Community Infrastructure Improvement Project (CIIP) groups to help the Region’s local democratic organs to achieve their goals.

The new CIIP groups have been identified in communities such as Vryheid, Glasgow and Angoy’s Avenue.

Regional Chairman, Mr. David Armogan told DPI this decision was taken after residents requested assistance from Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Hon. Nigel Dharamlall during his recent outreach in the Region.

Residents had complained that there was an overgrowth of vegetation covering residential drains which was not only hampering drainage, but was unsightly.

“The New Amsterdam Town Council was not providing the level of service required to make sure that the areas were kept clean so, we decided that we should increase the staff members in some of the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) areas, as well as form new groups in other areas, which are not properly serviced by the town council,” he explained.

Mr. Armogan said ten persons have been selected for each group and the lists submitted to the Ministry for approval.  The administration intends to move in this direction to ensure every community is properly served, he explained.

With this in mind, the Regional Chairman has provided the necessary tools and equipment to ensure each CIIP group can properly conduct it work

“We have 12 small (excavator) machines in the Region. However, about nine or 10 is working at the moment; the remainder is under repairs, but these machines have been deployed in these various areas to assist in making sure the residential areas’ drains are properly clean,” he said.

On November 16, the Region employed 20 additional persons to serve the CIIP.