‘Region Ten will be lifted with this tide of development’ – President Ali at Independence celebrations

– Outlines investments, initiatives geared towards enhancing the lives of Lindeners

At the 58th Independence Flag Raising Ceremony held in Region Ten, President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali outlined his government’s ambitious development plans for the region which will transform its economic landscape and improve livelihoods for all.

This is in keeping with the government’s commitment to inclusive development by improving infrastructure, healthcare, education, housing, tourism, and economic prospects in every corner of Guyana.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali addressing the audience at the flag-raising ceremony on Saturday evening

In his lengthy but comprehensive address to the nation Saturday night at the Mackenzie Stadium in Linden, President Ali highlighted the government’s strategic investments in the region, positioning it as a major investment centre by establishing a manufacturing ecosystem, enhancing transport and logistics, engineering services, and expanding housing.

“Make no mistake; this region that we are in tonight is going to be the centrepiece for development. It is going to be the critical link between the investment we are making towards the Guiana Shield, connecting northern Brazil, building out in the interior, connecting into Bartica, building your roads, opening up new lands, creating new opportunities,” the head of state detailed.

With Guyana taking a lead role in agriculture in the Caribbean, the administration has taken bold steps to build out the infrastructure so that the mining town can contribute to the regional food security and sustainability plans.

A showcase of rich Guyanese culture and talent at the 58th flag raising ceremony held at Linden, Region Ten on Saturday night

It is this same region that will be supplying all the soya and corn needs locally and regionally and undertake large-scale production of black eye and red beans to meet the regional market demand.

“We are now working on building a first-class food hub, a regional food hub, right here in Guyana and Region 10 will be critically connected,” President Ali went on to add.

The region is poised to become the central transport and logistics hub, linking Brazil with the Caribbean and surrounding regions.

And major infrastructure projects including the construction of 45 bridges from Mabura to Kurupukari and Lethem, the US$190 million Linden-Mabura Hill Road, the US$35 million Wismar Bridge, and the upgrading of the Linden-Soesdyke Highway at a cost of US$120 million, are being undertaken to facilitate this.

“These are the investments that are transformative, that will raise your region that will lift your region every single village in the river, every single community here in Region 10, you will be lifted with this tide of development,” he underlined.

President Ali also highlighted investments in housing that saw a $3B in injection into the housing programme while $1 billion is being expended to improve the quality of water for residents.

The audience at this year’s 58th Independence Flag Raising Ceremony held in Linden, Region Ten on Saturday evening

In sports, the government has invested a staggering $1.4 billion in building back sports facilities in less than three years; they are being built to accommodate international FIFA standard football.

“You’re going to see a major push to ensure that your region becomes an important region in tourism and development. Silica City, the new Silica City will be connected to your region. The new highway that will come from Mandela and connect to the Linden- Soesdyke highway will reduce your transport time [and] bring greater efficiency.”

The president assured the residents of Region 10 that their region has received significant investments and will continue to be a priority, acknowledging its potential for development.

“When you look at per capita investment, we have invested in your region higher than any other region per capita because we understand the potential of this region. We believe in the potential of this region as we believe in the potential of Guyana,” Guyana’s President underscored.

Billions of dollars are also being invested to improve infrastructure, healthcare, education and the standard of living for residents living in the ten administrative regions of Guyana.