Region Three business community maximizing investment opportunities

With Region Three swiftly developing and becoming an economic hub, the business community there stands ready to maximize and fully utilise the investment opportunities that are becoming available.  

This was highlighted by the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Region Three, Premendra Parsan during an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI) on Sunday.  

President of the Chamber of Commerce of Region Three, Premendra Parsan

Parsan said the chamber is looking to collaborate with various businesses and agencies across the Essequibo Islands-West Demerara to establish an environment, where businesses and entrepreneurs can strive.

“I would say that Region Three is one of the fastest growing regions in Guyana right now. The government has invested so much in the region. It is upon us and our responsibility as the private sector and the business community in the region to be able to take that investment and make the best out of it. The time is now where we need to be able to make that investment and put in the efforts so that we can be able to grab the opportunities,” Parsan explained.

He believes that the government’s provision of investment opportunities has prompted a necessity for a transformation in the way the business community networks and operates within the region.

Meanwhile, the region plans to host a national exposition next year to provide a plethora of opportunities to businesses and residents, while strengthening the region’s economy.

“We are looking to be able to bring together industries in technology, farmers, aquaculture, and the oil and gas industry. Also, tourism will play a big part in the region, so we are looking to bring multiple industries in the region to form strong partnerships,” Parsan said.