Region Three Covid measures see major payoffs

-Regional Chairman Ayube

Region Three Regional Chairman, Mr. Sheik Ayube said the stringent COVID-19 measures implemented by the regional administration are paying off in a major way.

Region Three Regional Chairman, Mr. Sheik Ayube

Following the reopening of the country, the Regional Chairman told DPI the administration decided to establish sanitisation stations at schools, government buildings and at the Region’s major ports of entry – the Vreed-en-Hoop and Parika stellings.

This includes temperature monitoring for travellers from Leguan, Bartica and other communities.

“We also have police roadblocks at different places to ensure buses are not overcrowded and to ensure everyone is wearing a mask. We also ensure that sanitisation mechanism is established at stores even a ‘no-entry’ policy for those who do not wear a mask. So, I can clearly say that we have the necessary mechanisms in place that is required by the Government at this time,” Mr. Ayube said.

The Region has also established two Covid testing sites at the West Demerara Regional Hospital and Parika, budgeted at about $3 million each. The station at Parika is still under construction and is expected to be fully functional before the end of the first quarter.  These measures would boost the administration’s testing capabilities.

Additionally, the administration works closely with the police to ensure residents observe the gazetted COVID-19 preventative measures.

“We even go about the market places and if we see a gathering especially with persons without masks, we will speak to them, share masks, encourage them about the importance of wearing a mask. I think that we are getting good response in that area,” Mr. Ayube said. 

As of January 7, the Region had recorded 461 positive Covid cases.