Region Three pushing for early completion of infrastructural projects

GINA, GUYANA, Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Region Three Administration is working towards completing its entire 2017 capital expenditure works by the third quarter.

The budget allocated for the Region’s capital expenditure works covers Regional Administration and Finance – $17.600M, Agriculture -$48.700M, Public Works-$65.500M, Educational delivery-$179.100M and Health Services-$104.168M.

Regional Executive Officer (REO), Denis Jaikaran told the Government Information Agency (GINA), that 43 per cent of the budget for Regional Administration and Finance has already been spent. Furniture and equipment have been purchased under this head.

Region Three, Regional Executive Officer (REO) Denis Jaikaran

“There is going to be an extension of the regional administration building which will take care of the 57 per cent from the capital sum allocated in the 2017 National budget, however the work will be awarded to a contractor by the end of this month (March),” Jaikaran added.

The Region Three Administration has published an advertisement for the five major projects under capital works for the agriculture sector. Two major projects for public works have also been advertised which include the rehabilitation of three roads and the construction of a similar number of bridges.

The Region is in the process of tendering for all the projects under education delivery.  Jaikaran noted that contracts have already been awarded for the purchase of furniture and equipment and land and water transportation.

Contracts in the health sector have also been awarded for the purchase of furniture and equipment, and land and water transportation.

The Region Three REO noted that the Region’s capital works have commenced, however he is hopeful that all of the capital expenditure works will be awarded by the end of April.

Additionally, Jaikaran noted that the roll-over infrastructural work remaining is the Department of Education’s building at Plantain Walk which is 50 per cent completed. The REO said works on the building are expected to be completed by July. The Region was allocated $35M for its completion.

The Region was allocated $5.050 B from the 2017 National Budget for regional administration and finance, agriculture sector, public works, education delivery and health services.

By: Neola Damon