Relief exercise continues for Venezuelan migrants

─ CDC delivers more aid to migrants in Reg. 1

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Scores of Venezuelan migrant families, residing in Region 1, over the weekend received food hampers and hygiene kits as the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) continues to render support to migrants in the Barima-Waini (Region 1).

On Friday, March 29, food hampers were distributed to thirty-one families at Kumaka landing, while food hampers and hygiene kits were distributed to six families at Smith’s Creek and thirty families at Imbotero.

The distribution exercise continued Saturday, March 30 where hygiene kits were distributed to thirty-six individuals residing at the Amerindian hostel. Food hampers and hygiene kits were also distributed to 24 families at Khan’s Hill.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) representatives, Christian Vargas and Charlie Torcely were present at the distribution at Khan’s Hill, where they outlined their main area of focus which was education and easing of the language barrier between the migrants and locals.

Also present during the distributions were CDC representatives were Captain Michael Andrews and Captain Salim October, an Immigration Officer from the Mabaruma Police Station who bridged the language barrier throughout the operation and ranks of Coast Guard who transported the team to Smith’s Creek and Imbotero. Venezuelan Support Group (VSG) representative Alicia Gomez also lent support to the operations by providing vital information regarding the number of individuals at Kumaka landing and the Amerindian hostel.

Over the last few months, Guyana has seen an increase in the number of Venezuelans crossing the into Guyana to escape the political and socio-economic crisis in their homeland. The National Multi Sectorial Coordinating Committee, through the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), has been providing relief to migrants in the border regions by ensuring that these migrants are documented and vaccinated upon entry and housed in relied shelters.

Anara Khan.

Images: Civil Defence Commission.