Report for fraud at Asphalt Plant due December 15 –Min. Edghill

The final report for the probe of the scam at the Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation’s Asphalt Plant has been extended to December 15, 2020.

Minister of Public Works, Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill on Wednesday said an extension was requested to facilitate the volume of work that had to be undertaken during the investigation.

“While I was inquiring about the report my latest information is that it should be here by the 15th of December and from there, we will be taking the necessary action,” Minister Edghill said.

The investigation stemmed from reports of misappropriation in the management and reselling of Government’s asphalt and its connection to the Ministry’s internal staff.

Minister Edghill said his only role in the investigation was to appoint the team and to ensure that persons cooperate and allow the personnel to access wherever they needed, to conduct the probe.

The four-member team comprises Mr. Chateram Ramdihal, Ms. Heidi Gillette, Mr. Brion Singh, and Mr. Dexter Smith. The group is tasked to examine all aspects of the entity relating to the allegations.

If the allegations are proven, there will be sanctions.

In the interim, the Minister is seeking to put measures in place so that such incidents would not reoccur.

Members of the new Demerara Harbour Bridge Board of Directors are also awaiting the report.