Repositioning exercise underway at the Georgetown Seawalls

The Ministry of Public Works, through its Sea and River Defence Board, has initiated the repositioning of approved small business enterprises and individuals conducting business along the Georgetown Sea Defence Reserve (Seawall), between Camp Street and the Kitty roundabout.

This move aims to align businesses with the terms and conditions outlined in their permits.

Sea and River Defence Department engineer, Kenneth Hamer

Speaking to the Department of Public Information (DPI) on Friday, Minister of Public Works Bishop Juan Edghill reiterated the government’s position in maintaining law and order, asserting that there is no tolerance for ‘lawlessness.’

However, the minister emphasised that no vendor is being displaced.

He further disclosed that vendors have shown cooperation and compliance with the ongoing exercise, which commenced Thursday afternoon.

At the site, Kenneth Hamer engineer attached with the Sea and River Defence Department detailed the scope of the reorganisation effort.

It includes the dismantling of sheds, unauthorised extensions, additions, pit latrines, and permanent structures situated in unauthorised areas.

Hamer elaborated that the exercise also entails the realignment of structures within the safe zone to accommodate the expansion of the seawall road.

He noted that the commencement of the initiative extended late into the night and is progressing smoothly thus far with the operation set to conclude by Sunday.

In addition to the physical restructuring, the ministry has taken steps to engage vendors directly to dispel any misinformation surrounding the realignment exercise.

This proactive measure aims to ensure clarity and transparency throughout the process.

As the exercise continues, individuals are encouraged to be present to safeguard their personal belongings and facilitate a smooth transition. The ministry underscores the importance of cooperation from all parties involved to uphold safety and order along the Georgetown Sea Defence Reserve.