Residents elated about rehabilitation of Canal Number One road

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DPI, Guyana, Friday, March 16, 2018

Over twenty communities along West Bank Demerara (WBD) will soon benefit from improvements to the Canal Number One road. The Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MOPI) is currently refurbishing the formerly severely deteriorated stretch of motorway to an asphalt road.

Appreciative residents, most of whom have resided in the area for over twenty years, relayed their excitement and gratitude for the project.

Eon Allen, resident.

Eon Allen, a resident of thirty years told the Department of Information (DPI), “Well I’ve been living here for my entire life…seeing the road project going on is a very good thing cause the road was deteriorating for a very long time, and it will be beneficial to us because…the potholes were tremendous in this place so a lot of accident used to occur…”

A longtime resident Melanie Pompey said, “It’s nice what they’re doing. We really appreciate it. It’s about time that we get a new road.”

Another resident of the area, a nurse attached to the West Demerara Regional Hospital noted that, “There are a lot of hit-and-runs we get here and lots of people will benefit from this, not only the children and parents but the business people and the minibuses and taxis.”

Small business owners and operators also expressed their satisfaction with the road. “It’s a big improvement for the community. The government is doing good development here. I work with cars, so my business will get a good boost,” was the view expressed by mechanic Alistair Andrews.

Nicole Innis, mother of eight stated, “I born and grow in Bagotville. I glad like how this road do back finally… so I appreciate what they’re doing here very much.”

“I’m gonna benefit a lot because of the speed humps so my children are gonna be safer. The vehicles don’t have to worry about the holes here anymore so I can start a business up,” she added.

The road project is slated to be completed by the end of March but the timeline is dependent on weather conditions.

Melanie Pompey.

Nicole Innis.


By: Nateshia Isaacs