Residents enjoying benefits of several improved Georgetown roads

Persons residing and travelling through central Georgetown are benefitting from several rehabilitated thoroughfares in the communities of Alberttown, Queenstown, and Kingston.

The completed road project is a fulfilment of President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, who was on the ground back in November to consult with residents and the business community.

Rehabilitated roads in Georgetown

While there, the president immediately instructed the Ministry of Public Works Special Projects Unit (SPU) to evaluate the condition of the roads that were identified by residents.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) visited the communities on Tuesday, where several residents expressed their appreciation for the much-needed improvements.

Alberttown resident, Rudolph Seecharan

Alberttown resident, Rudolph Seecharan explained that the infrastructural development that he now enjoys serves as a major boost to the community.

“The roads were bad in the sense that when rain falls it covers the road…that has been happening for a very long time. Fortunately, President Ali visited this area and concerns were raised and addressed,” an excited Seecharan related.  

He was impressed by the level of improvements and progress in his community just a week after the president’s engagement.

“The roads start getting done and contracts were given out for the drainage, not only in the Alberttown area but also Queenstown,” Seecharan explained.

Jermain Ashton

DPI also caught up with another resident, Jermain Ashton, who stressed about the dilapidated roads he was forced to traverse.

“In this community, there were a lot of potholes…it caused an effect on the people. Even when the cars are passing, they splash water on you,” Ashton stated.

City Councillor of Constituency One, Jainarine Singh

City Councillor, Jainarine Singh recalled many times when the roads created a lot of traffic jams and delays for commuters because of the deplorable state.

Meanwhile, the main roads that were rehabilitated in Kingston include Barrack Street and Fort Street.

Head of SPU, Colin Gittens said “We had rehabilitated approximately one-kilometre roads, same methods as we used in other area. We resurfaced the roads using asphaltic concrete. We also had the drainage component of the project where small contractors come in.”

Head of SPU, Colin Gittens

According to Gittens, the report from the inspection conducted in early November revealed the life span of the rehabilitated roads was exhausted. The new infrastructures have a renewed lifespan of 20 years.

The rehabilitation process entailed light scarification of the existing surface, placing and compacting of crushed aggregates in areas with exposed bases, followed by the final application of asphalt concrete.

These works will significantly improve commutes in these areas and fall into the government’s overall infrastructural transformation project.