Residents of Charlestown benefit from new Playfield

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has upgraded over 250 grounds across the country, providing sporting facilities to promote physical activity and health, community engagement, social cohesion and inclusivity.

The Charlestown community ground, was a part of the 31 grounds, in Georgetown that received a much-needed rehabilitation. Residents of the community applauded the government’s investment in the ongoing development of the Charlestown area.

Resident of Charlestown, Malachi

Charlestown Resident, known only as Malachi, stated that he is happy about the upgrade in his community that allows him and his friends to enjoy a great game of football.

“It is nice to bring back the sports in the ghetto to give us in the area happiness, we skin our teeth, we laugh, we play, we score goals and lime together every day…it is so fun to play football on this ground… you could play all sports that you want” he expressed.

Another Resident applauded the work being done by the government to foster positive youth engagement in the community.

Resident of Charlestown, Ingram

“On behalf of myself and the community and the President and the Minister of Sports, I would like to congratulate them on the work that they are putting out for the youths. Building over the bridge, the field, the fence so that the youths can come out in the afternoon and play”, Ingram said.

He continued “I am joyful and feeling free about the works the Minister, the President and everybody has done. We have to come together and deal with this thing…this thing is unity, one family, come together and work together to develop Guyana.”

Another Resident, Joseph, is enthusiastic about the ongoing works on the playground that will enable his children, who are football athletes, to improve their skills in the sport.

Resident of Charlestown, Joseph

“The other day when I saw it was doing, I wanted to know it was what they are doing…when I got to learn that it is a playfield, I was most happy because my children go to St. Stevens and they play football for the St. Stevens school winning competition…”

He further shared “…My sons played in the competition the other day and they came out fourth or so but if they had a better facility like what we have now the game could improve… It is good for the development of the area, this is excellent, it is developing and it is a thumbs up for the organisation”

Similarly, resident, Dellon pointed out the ground will be a major benefit to the surrounding schools in the area.

Resident of Charlestown, Dellon

“It is a great development for the community as well the youths. Mostly we have the schools them and stuff that will be benefitting from this here because it is actually like they have a ground in the community where they can come out and play, get the recreational activities, people can come out and walk, exercise and these kinds of things” Dellon underlined.

Meanwhile, Security guard, John said that he can now have peace of mind knowing the children have a safe space to have fun.

“I assist in looking after the kids. While I was here, they didn’t have the ground at the time, the ground was there but it was not prepared. This concrete (One in school) where they run, jump and play but now they have that ground there it makes my mind feel at ease”

Resident of Charlestown, John

In 2024, all the grounds in Georgetown are slated to be rehabilitated in a phased way under the ministry’s capital investment programme.

Phase one will facilitate the clearing of the ground, landfilling, rolling, fencing and rehabilitation of the access point.

Phase two coming out of this year’s budget will facilitate the construction of washrooms, pavilions and stands among others.