Residents of Kamwatta, Parakeese benefitting from first time electricity access

Some 80 households of Kamwatta and 25 in Parakeese in the Moruca sub-region, are now benefitting from electricity supply for the first time with the commissioning of  generators costing $13.5 million each.

The systems were on Wednesday evening officially commissioned by Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal, the parliamentary representative for Region One, Vice Chair, Ms. Annansha Peters, and Deputy Regional Executive Officer, Mr. Shem Cuffy

Minister Croal officially turned on the switches during a visit to the communities.

In Parakeese, some 25 households are connected on the system which has the capacity to power 80 homes.

Minister Croal urged the residents to properly maintain the equipment so that they can maximise the benefits.

“This is part of the continuation of government’s programme for electrification for communities, this is about a $13.5 million investment, 75 KVA and so the current households that you have now, the generator is expected to power everyone,” he told residents. Residents in Amerindian communities all across the country continue to benefit from solar panels as the government advances the hinterland electrification programme.