Revenues earned from resources being invested into the people, country – Min McCoy

The government continues to implement programmes and policies that will greatly impact the development of the people and their livelihoods.

During an outreach on Monday afternoon in the villages of Sarah Johanna, Land of Canaan, and Craig on the East Bank Demerara, the Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy emphasised the importance of investing revenues generated from the country’s resources back into the country’s citizens.

Residents of Land of Canaan being engaged by Minister McCoy

The minister explained that transformation and development are realised when a country has a government that is capable of astutely and sustainably managing its resources and revenues.

Therefore, the PPP/C Administration has pursued a multifaceted approach, not only prioritising investments in public infrastructure but also creating opportunities for personal and professional growth through scholarships, training programmes and job creation.

“We have to be able to not just create opportunities but we have to have smart management, strategic management at being able to develop our economy and at the same time develop our people. We as a government pay attention to the macro things and the micro things,” Minister Mc Coy stated.

Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy speaking to the residents of Sarah Johanna

The minister reminded the residents that it is money from the non-oil sector that has been greatly contributing to the country’s overall transformation. He added that with this, the government is also building out new sectors and industries while at the same time supporting the existing ones.

This, he said, is all being done to cater to the needs of the citizens and to create long-term opportunities for the future generation.

The administration remains committed to addressing the specific needs and challenges faced by communities, as evidenced by ongoing engagements such as outreach in the respective villages.

“We have in our hearts and minds the greatest respect for our people. And that respect goes to the extent where we always find avenues to connect with people as part of our philosophy.

Some of the residents of Craig during the meeting with Minister McCoy

We can’t govern only at our desks, we have to be with and among you to be able to engage and track what is happening and to have a good feel of the trouble and tribulations you have as a community,” Minister McCoy expressed to the residents.

Additionally, the residents were also given the opportunity issues and concerns affecting them.

Some of the issues include drainage and irrigation, accessibility to walkways, and portable water among others.

In response, Minister McCoy said that he would be engaging the relevant ministers and invite them to visit the areas so that they can thoroughly look into the matters and have them fixed as soon as possible.