Road networks in No. 76, 77 villages completed ahead of schedule

The rehabilitation of the road networks in Number 76 and Number 77 villages, Corentyne, Berbice (Region Six) which had a timeline of June  30, have been completed ahead of schedule.

This was recently confirmed by Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill M.P.

Roads completed

At Number 77 Village, 3,140 metres of road was rehabilitated by Rajendra Ramcharitar Contracting Enterprise, while 5,005 metres was completed in Number 76 village by Associated Contracting Service. The two projects cost $170 million and $268 million respectively.

In January, Minister Edghill visited the two communities to inspect and get feedback from residents.

Roland Wright of Number 76 Village, said he is pleased with the quality of work since the roads were in a deplorable condition for over 12 years.

Roads completed

“Before it was like this, it was terrible, because was bare potholes and it was not easy holes, it was terrible holes. I am a tailor in the area, so every time the people come to me, they would say tailor, I will not be able to come in back because the road bad… but right now how the government is doing the road here it is wonderful,” Wright explained.

Bibi Ali of Number 77 village expressed similar sentiments. Ali detailed that, “it was so bad that the taxis did not want to bring you in, so if you do not have your personal transportation is either you left to die but this here now is more than what we asked for and I am very thankful for this.”

Minister Edghill at the time of his visit said the upgrades in the communities were a commitment being fulfilled by government.

Roads completed

“In the run up to the 2020 elections, I walked all these streets knocked on your doors and asked you for your vote. So, I am happy that we are in government and I have come back now to see how you are benefitting from your government working for you.”

The works are roll-over projects from the 2021 budget. Budget 2022 has allotted $15.2 billion for miscellaneous roads, $7.2 billion more than the previous year’s allocation which saw over 450 roads constructed or rehabilitated in 2021.

One of the roads in Number 76 village as of January, 2022

Already, invitation for bids have been published in the daily newspapers for works in Regions Two, Three, Four, Five and Six.