‘Road to success laid out’ – Minister Edghill tells Linden students

Young people across the country, and especially those in region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice), who attended the National Youth Culture Camp during the August holiday in the region, have been reminded of the many opportunities being made available to them for their own development and advancement.

The reminder came from the Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill, Minister of Public Works, who delivered the featured address at the closing ceremony of the three (3) weeks camp held in each region of the county.

Minister Edghill told the youths that the government is providing opportunities for them so that they can be the very best that they can be.

“The government has put aside money for young people, that people who have creativity they could get a grant for culture and innovation to develop themselves to the highest level”

“This camp was designed to help you to discover for yourself and to help some of your guardians and your superiors discover talents.” … “Diamonds that people wear on their hands or as broaches, they are very expensive and very valuable, nicely polished and shining, but you don’t find them looking like that in the backdam, you have to have an idea to know that is a good piece of diamond, as it is in the rock. Then you take that diamond and you polish it and cut it, Queens and Kings, billionaires and noblemen use those diamonds, but when they were first discovered, they look like a piece of dirt, they look like nothing.  

“Today, me addressing you, do you know how I see you, as diamonds in the rough, and once properly polished, once properly processed, you will be valuable, you will end up before Kings and Queens and Governments, the sky is the limit,” The Minister said.

Minister Edghill also noted his happiness at the fact that one’s circumstances no longer determined one’s value.

“How the world has it, only a special group of people or kinds of people could reach certain heights, I am happy today that in Guyana that no longer prevails, provision and opportunity have been created for young people despite where they live, what is their family name, if they come from two-parent family or single parent family, don’t matter what is their religion, or their colour, once they can do it, the road to success is laid out for you by the government.”

During the three weeks of the camp, participants were instructed in the subject area of Social Studies, learning about Guyana’s rich cultural history. They also learned different art forms including, painting, sketching, dance, and drumming.