RUBIS Guyana plays their part in the fight against COVID-19

Rubis Guyana Inc has taken an all-hands-on- deck approach when it comes to the country’s national COVID-19 response.

The energy company is supporting COVID-19 efforts in several ways. They recently made a donation to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) to assist front line workers with transportation to and from work. In addition, RUBIS also provided support to families who are experiencing challenges as a result of the national emergency measures which were instituted due to the pandemic. Rubis Guyana’s total contribution exceeds US$10,000.

Joylyn Johnson, Retail Account Executive, Rubis Guyana Inc. explained, “The fight against COVID-19 must be a collective effort, it requires an all-hands-on-deck approach and TeamRubis wanted to be part of Guyana’s proactive measures.”  She explained the rationale for the GPHC donation was borne out of disturbing media reports that their frontline medical workers, who are battling to restore the health of COVID-19 patients, were having serious challenges traveling to work and home.  “We wished to enable them an easy passage on their journey.” Mrs. Johnson said, “We felt compelled to make a contribution to GPHC towards providing dedicated and safe transportation for these special health care professionals.

The money donated will provide dedicated vehicles and drivers to transport medical personnel.”  Brigadier George A. Lewis (rtd), CEO of GPHC sincerely thanked Rubis Guyana Inc. on behalf of the Board, Management and Staff of the organization for honoring their corporate social responsibility by supporting health care workers during these unprecedented times.  He said, “In light of the national regulations that have been put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19, the GPHC is exceptionally grateful for this donation which will support the provision of transportation for our staff who work beyond the hours of the national curfew.”

In addition, Rubis placed a “second hand on the deck” by donating to the Civil Defense Commission (CDC) in their drive to ensure the most vulnerable citizens were also being taken care of through the provision of food hampers.  Cognizant that the CDC is facing a mammoth task, as an exercise of this nature requires many resources, Rubis agreed to come on board. Mrs. Johnson explained. “One of the things this pandemic has brought to the fore is how interconnected we all are as people and a person’s actions has implications for many, as we see with the spread of the COVID-19.”  Mrs. Johnson added, “We hope that our contribution will see many households receiving supplies to assist them and put to rest any anxiety which may arise from not having enough.”

Internally, Rubis Guyana has invested in safety training for retailers and their staff on heightened cleaning standards to adopt at this time as well as provide all Rubis service stations with sinks and hand santisers.  They recently purchased face masks for all gas attendants to wear to mitigate the spread of the virus and installed COVID-19 signage at the fuel pumps to remind customers on safe practices to use.  Mrs Johnson concluded, “Rubis recognizes that they have a part to play in the communities in which they operate and believe we are all in this together, so we are pleased to assist Guyana as we work to overcome COVID-19.”