Ruimveldt women spearheading transformative community projects

Women are taking centre stage in spearheading transformative projects in the community of West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, which are being fueled by government contracts valued in excess of $51 million.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) caught up with Shoba Evans who will be spearheading the construction of a new reinforced concrete road at Marigold Street which is expected to be 50 metres in length and 3.66 metres in width.

First-time contractor, Shoba Evans

Evans explained that the injection of funds from government contracts is igniting hope and excitement among residents.

“I am elated. I feel good about it. It gives me a boost to know that women…0 are being looked [at] and pushed forward,” Evans said.

As different projects take shape and investments materialise, there is a deep sense of optimism, with expectations for improved living standards and increased opportunities.

Like Evans, Renatta Williams now has the task of completing a walkway in close proximity to the primary school.

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar, and Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy inspected works in the community on Tuesday

“I must say I am very grateful for the fact that women are no longer limited [and] lots of young people are involved. We are given the opportunity to showcase our skills and also the opportunity to hire people within our area. I have approximately six men that would be working with me from my area,” she pointed out.

Williams plans to do her best while executing her project.

“It’s a lot of pluses and a great feeling. So, I am grateful to the government,” she expressed.

Abiola Smith is another first-time contractor spearheading work in a nearby community.

Abiola Smith is another contractor spearheading work in a nearby community

“I am proud and I will execute my project effectively. I feel proud to know that even though I was not recognised, the government recognised me and gave me a chance so I can do more for myself and my family,” Smith posited.

According to her, the project will be something she will remember for a lifetime because it brings great excitement to herself and the community.

“I have already hired five workers. So, I just want to thank my government,” the woman exclaimed.

First-time contractor, Wilfred Prince

Meanwhile, amidst the buzz of progress, several male contractors are also prepared to advance their projects.  

Wilfred Prince said, “I am really happy and excited seeing all of the development going on and I was wondering how could I be a part, not knowing that the government already had plans in place…”

First-time contractor, Neibu Archer

For Neibu Archer, the joy of being awarded a contract for the first time is immeasurable.

Alongside this accomplishment, he eagerly embraces the chance to engage a few community members in the undertaking.