SARA and other Bills laid in the House

GINA, GUYANA, Monday, January 30, 2017

Three Bills were today, laid in the National Assembly for the first time by the government side of the House.

Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, moved the first reading of the Civil Aviation Bill 2017.

The Bill makes provision for offences relating to the safety and security of passengers, aircraft and airports, for the regulation, control and early development of civil aviation in Guyana and for related matters.

The new Bill seeks to repeal and replace the Civil Aviation Act Chapter 53:01 and bring Guyana’s aviation law into conformity with primary legislation regulating civil aviation currently found in other parts of the world. It makes provisions for the enablement of the Chicago Convention and the Agreement establishing the Caribbean Aviation Safety and Security Oversight System.

Meanwhile, Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams,

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Basil Williams

presented the State Asset Recovery Bill 2017 and the Deeds and Commercial Registries Authority (Amendment) Bill 2017.

The State Assets Recovery Bill seeks to recover through civil proceedings, state property that was unlawfully acquired by a public official or any other person. The Bill will see the establishment of the State Asset Recovery Agency (SARA) which will empower a Director to conduct the recovery.

The State Assets Recovery Bill is in consonance with the United Nations Convention against Corruption 2003. The amendment to the Deeds and Commercial Registries Authority (Amendment) Bill seeks to provide a “much needed change of membership of the governing board” of the Authority.



By: Tiffny Rhodius