Scholarship programme to be expanded in 2022 – Public Service Minister

Public ServiceMinister Sonia Parag, M.P. has outlined that her ministry will be expanding its scholarship programme this year, as well as launch a human capacity needs assessment.

In preparation of the massive economic transformation of the country, the minister said scholarships will be expanded to various sectors such as health, public works and renewable energy.

“Our scholarship offers will also pave the way for Guyanese to become qualified in the area of renewable energy…

The Ministry of Public Service is also collaborating with the Ministry of Health to offer the much need and relevant scholarships for speciality areas in that sector.”

Minister of Public Service, Sonia Parag, M.P

Parag said all initiatives of her ministry will be executed in a ‘strategic and forward thinking’ manner.

“To ensure that our nation is served by competent, committed and ethical public officers, not only that, we want to ensure that our training and capacity building initiatives are able to satisfy the needs of our country.”

During her presentation at the recent budget debate, the minister said government’s agenda is about realising the ‘One Guyana’ initiative envisioned by His Excellency, Dr. Mohamad Irfaan Ali.

“At the level of the Ministry of Public Service, our programme must reach Guyanese from all walks of life of every ethnicity, of every religion, of every gender, age, social class and importantly, of every political and geographical corner of our country,” the minister said.

She said in 2022, the ministry will be collaborating with the Ministries of Education and Labour along with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and members of the private sector, to launch a ‘national human capacity needs assessment’ that will ensure Guyanese take advantage of opportunities available in the local labour market.

She said human resource and facilities management will also be areas of focus, noting that training in ethics will also be launched for employees of both public and private sectors across the country. 

Meanwhile, some $15 million will be expended to establish regional centers for excellence in information technology in all administrative regions. The initiative will play an integral role in today’s digitisation practices. The ministry will also review and update the human resource policies of the public sector.