School feeding programme to benefit all of Guyana- Dr. Nicolette Henry

DPI, GUYANA, Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Education Minister Dr. Nicolette Henry today defended allocations to the school feeding programme, saying that it is expanding across Guyana.

Responding to queries by opposition Member of Parliament Priya Manikchand on day three of the consideration of the budget estimates, the Education Minister pointed out that the programme has been reaching nursery and primary school students across the country.

Minister of Education Dr. Nicolette Henry.

“We would have said to the nation that we intend to expand the school feeding programme and we did just that and we will continue to expand the programme further until we address those that are most vulnerable and disadvantage. We will go to every vulnerable child and every vulnerable community in this community,” she told the House.

This reach, the Minister she stressed, extends even more to communities where parents might have been retrenched following the downsizing of the sugar estates.

“I wish to say that sugar workers children were given special consideration because they fall into the category of children that would require this support,” Minister Henry said.

The Ministry’s school feeding programme is aimed at building more community participation in schools and improving children’s human development outcomes, such as student enrollment and attendance, nutritional status and learning outcomes. Consequently, the programme has tackled unemployment and underemployment.

Alexis Rodney.

Image: Jameel Mohamed.