Scores of Region Three residents benefitting from President’s outreach, commend initiative

Residents of Region Three are relieved and highly appreciative of the services they are receiving during OP Direct, an initiative of President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali.

This initiative of taking government to the people has seen a host of persons benefitting from on-the-spot and long-term interventions. 

The event is being held at the Leonora Track and Field facility, Region Three, for two days.

The Department of Public Information spoke with a few of these residents, who were elated at the convenience of the outreach.

Jennifer Thomas commented that the process was a smooth one, and she was able to have her issue resolved in a timely manner.

She said, “I didn’t get pushed around, I got to meet with people quickly, and this was so nice of the President. I want to thank the president for allowing me to get everything done so fast.”

Jennifer Thomas

Hanuradha Sahadeo, a single parent, who was able to apply for a house lot said, “I got really good assistance. I came this morning and saw the crowd and thought I would never got through. But I got assistance and I really hope this continues.”

Hanuradha Sahadeo

Another pleased resident was Elaine Allen, who has a vested interest in the development of her community. In her younger years, she served as Chairman of the Local Authority, as well as assisted in the installation of a community development council. When asked of her views on President Ali’s interventions, the 89-year-old said, “I am proud of what is going on, and I am seeing that President Ali is a man of God, and the strength and authority that he has in trying to get people to understand his policies is excellent.”

Elaine Allen

Meanwhile, Parmashrie Bholan, a teacher of Leonora Secondary school, said, “So far, so good. Everyone is very pleasant. The initiative is very good. I am thankful for it, and we hear people saying that the region is getting things, and the government is doing things for the people. We are seeing improvements, which is very good.”

Parmashrie Bholan

When the PPP/C assumed office in 2020, Guyanese almost immediately saw vast improvements as a number of interventions were implemented. Dhoularie Seecharran, who was residing in Venezuela at the time, who noticed these interventions and was eager to play her part in the country’s development, decided to return home.  “I prepared all my things and I came to Guyana. I appreciate this president very much. I’m very pleased with the service,” she said.

Another Leonora resident expressed that he has never experienced an outreach of this magnitude. “This is the first time I’m seeing anything like this going on, and it is a very good thing they are doing for the people. The president is doing a good thing. He is meeting with all types of people.”

Sherwyn Williams commended President Ali’s dedication to engaging with people at the grassroot level.  “It’s very good that the government is coming to people. For people who can’t make it, the government is coming to them, instead of them having to go to the government. This is something great for me because I been trying to get through since 2005, and I finally got through, and I’m grateful for that.”

Sherwyn Williams

“This administration is showing us that they are willing. I see the willingness to serve, and I am happy for that and I want to continue to encourage them,” were the words of Amjad Shaw, who resides in Leguan.

Amjad Shaw

Further, Chandradai Persaud noted that this government has demonstrated time and again its willingness to engage people in all regions. “I thank the president for everything. He is doing a wonderful job, and I hope he continues this good work. The whole Guyana is benefitting, and that is why they call it a One Guyana,” she related.

Chandradai Persaud