Scores of South Georgetown children receive kites for Easter

Another kite distribution exercise on Sunday saw scores of children from various communities in South Georgetown receiving kites to participate in the Easter festivities.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill made his way through Lodge and surrounding communities, engaging with residents and handing out kites to the children in the areas.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, spearheaded another kite distribution exercise on Sunday

This is part of a wider kite distribution initiative that sees government ministers spreading out in various communities and towns to ensure that every child is able to enjoy the holiday.

Tiffany Haynes, a Tucville resident, expressed heartfelt appreciation for the kites, “The children will benefit a lot because it’s Easter time, and school closed, so now they have something to do.”

Meanwhile, Youth Group Leader for Leopold Street, Malika Boxhill expressed, “It’s nice that the minister was here to visit us. This will give the kids a little boost. We have a youth group ground in the area, so now that they have the kites they will go over there and fly, and it will be real nice for them.”

Children receiving kites on Sunday

Last week, some 200 Sophia children benefitted from a kite-making workshop, organised by the Office of the Prime Minister – Department of Public Affairs and the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce in collaboration with community leaders.

The three-day exercise saw children being instructed in the basics of kite-making and the safety measures associated with kite-flying.

Minister Edghill stated that these exercises speak to a wider commitment to improving the lives of citizens on a smaller scale, in addition to the large-scale development already taking place.

Children receiving kites on Sunday

“It’s our way, as a government and as a party in government, of reminding people that we don’t just do big things, but we care about the happiness and the well-being of everyone, including the children. In Guyana, as we prosper, everybody must enjoy that prosperity,” the minister emphasised.

As customary, Easter Monday, scores of families are expected to participate in outdoor activities such as picnics, kite-flying and other games, at recreational spaces such as the seawalls, National Park, Botanical Gardens, Joe Viera Park and No. 63 Beach among other locations across the country.