Second NEOC meeting held to provide updates on action plan

─ NEOC monitoring the situation, deploying personnel at necessary locations

─ ensuring all safety measures are being taken especially regarding use of personal protective equipment

─ tests are currently being conducted by Ministry of Public Health to identify the ailment

DPI, Guyana, Monday, April 1, 2019

The National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC), activated on Sunday following reports of employees from the Guyana Manganese Incorporated (GMI) firm being infected by an ailment, today held their second meeting to provide updates to the action plan. The action plan was developed on Sunday at an initial meeting where agencies were designated specific responsibilities. The Director-General of the Civil Defence (CDC), Lieutenant Colonel, Kester Craig activated NEOC to bring all the key stakeholders together to ensure there is a Common Operating Picture (COP).

The Ministry of Public Health was identified as the lead agency for response. It will be supported by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs (MoIPA), Ministry of Communities (MoC), the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), the Maritime Administration (MARAD) and the Guyana Police Force (GPF).

The NEOC continues to monitor the situation and is deploying personnel at the necessary locations. It is also ensuring that all safety measures are being taken especially as it relates to the use of personal protective equipment.

Contrary to the reports in the local media, there has been no determination of what the ailment is but all the patients have displayed similar symptoms. Tests are currently being conducted by the Ministry of Public Health to identify the ailment.

Nikosi Bruce.

Image: Giovanni.