Several communities flooded in Region Seven

– water levels rise as the rains continue

The Civil Defence Commission (CDC), through the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni), has confirmed that at least six villages in the Region are inundated.

Mango Landing

Quebanang, Kangaruma, Waramadong, Phillipai, Pappy Show Landing and Mango Landing are all experiencing different levels of flooding, especially on the farmlands. Other areas such as Eteringbang and Arau Village are seeing rising river levels and are cautiously monitoring the situation.

Pappy Show Landing

Assessment teams from the Region led by the Regional Chairman Mr. Kenneth Williams, are working with Police and other community groups to manage the impact. The CDC will remain in constant contact with persons on the ground there throughout an extensive period to determine what measures should be taken.

Sections of Middle Mazaruni

Meanwhile, residents countrywide are urged to take precautions where necessary and to report any impacts to local authorities or the National Emergency Monitoring System (NEMS) at 600-7500 or 226-1114 at any time. The current rainy season is expected to be wetter and longer than normal accordingly to the Hydrometeorological Service.