Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night continues at the National Cultural Centre

The Ministry of Education’s staging of Twelfth Night continues at the National Cultural Centre.

Today, secondary school students from Orealla joined other secondary school students from Regions Three, Four, Five, Six, Ten, and Georgetown for a captivating theatrical experience. The Ministry of Education has made concerted efforts to ensure that students nationwide, particularly those in Grade Eleven, have the chance to attend this play.

Last Saturday, Grade Eleven students from Region Two attended the play. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Grade Eleven students from Regions One, Seven and Nine will be in attendance.

This is the first time an initiative such as this has been undertaken. It aims to inspire a deeper appreciation for literary works and enhance student engagement in preparation for the upcoming Caribbean Secondary Examinations Certificate (CSEC) English Literature examination in May. It was noted that by bringing these texts to life on stage, students will have the opportunity to experience literature in a dynamic and immersive way, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the written word.

“Twelfth Night” is one of the literary pieces included in the Caribbean Examinations Council’s CSEC® curriculum. There are plans to extend this initiative by incorporating other literary works from the CSEC syllabus into future theatrical.

The play debuted on Friday last with scores of students from secondary schools across Regions Three, Four, Five, Six and Georgetown in attendance. It was produced by Gems Theatre Production and directed by Ron Robinson. The Ministry of Education invites educators and students to attend.