Shelter activated to aid Wildfire impacted families

An Emergency Shelter has been activated in the Timehri community last evening to house a number of families who have been impacted by the raging wildfires in that area. Five (5) families, a total of 28 persons inclusive of children and the elderly, from the Santa Aratack village have been relocated to the shelter which is being managed by trained CDC staff.

Several other areas are being monitored closely as the fires continue to spread countrywide, and if necessary, additional shelters will be established. The Guyana Government; through the Guyana Fire Service, Guyana Defence Force, Environmental Protection Agency and the Civil Defence Commission, is leading the response effort in all Regions.

Residents countrywide are encouraged to remain cautious of the consequences of the dry season, such as wildfires, and to report any instances to 912, their local fire station, their Regional Democratic Council representative or office, or the National Emergency Monitoring System (NEMS) on 600-7500 at any time.