Shelter Management Training conducted in Kwakwani by CDC

The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) today wrapped up a three (3) day Shelter Management Training at the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) Building in Kwakwani, Upper Demerara-Upper Berbice (Region 10).

CDC facilitators (at far left and far right) with the participants

A total of fifteen (15) persons from Kwakwani, Ladernsville and Aroaima were trained in various aspects of shelter management, all in preparation for EXERCISE TRADEWINDS 2023. EXERCISE TRADEWINDS 2023 culminates with an oil spill simulation exercise involving all relevant stakeholders. During the preparation process, several trainings and activities are planned and executed so that all involved parties can be ready for such a hazard.

Participants praised the Commission for their dedication and thoroughness throughout the programme.

Participants at the training