Show you care, do your share

―Miss Earth Guyana delegates clean No. 63 Beach

Delegates participated in Meet-and-Greet on Easter Monday

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, April 23, 2019

With a focus on raising awareness on environmental protection, finalists of Miss Earth Guyana sprang into action on No. 63 Beach to undertake a clean-up exercise. This activity was launched on Saturday, just before thousands of people descended on the renowned location for Easter Monday celebrations.

Platinum sponsor for Miss Earth Guyana, Nand Persaud Group of Companies, coordinated the clean-up effort. Marketing Executive within Nand Persaud Group of Companies, Cynthia Jagnandan, told the Department of Public Information (DPI), the beach clean-up exercise was undertaken due to the business’ genuine appreciation for a safe, clean environment.

Jagnandan noted, “we hope that the delegates and other participants out here on the beach will, in the long term, value the environment in which they live, rather than just take part in this particular exercise”.

In her advice to persons that are curious about protecting the environment, the Marketing Executive highlighted the importance of proper disposal of waste. “All of the information is available to us. Scientists write journals on these issues because the effects on the environment can be devastating. So, I urge people to read and play their role… All you need to do is take action”, said the Marketing Executive.

Managing Director for Miss Earth Guyana, Dr. Omesh Balmacoon noted “the Miss Earth Guyana franchise is proud to be involved in this activity. This is an opportunity for the young women to develop a sense of pride in their environment. It is also a chance for them to develop into young women that solve issues in their communities, rather than to turn a blind eye”.

On Easter Monday, the Miss Guyana delegates returned to No. 63 Beach, Berbice for a meet-and-greet with those that flocked to the beach to partake in the festivities. The Miss Earth Guyana Managing Director stated their presence at No 63 Beach was to allow Guyanese and visitors the opportunity “to learn more about the pageant, our philosophy and to learn more about our delegates”, so that when pageant is hosted on June 15, people will not only support the pageant for its delegates but also “for the protection and preservation of our planet”.

Shaquille Bourne.

Images: Jules Gibson.