Shulinab gets first resident doctor

– regional healthcare on upward trajectory
– Dr. Mahadeo

Director-General of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Vishwa Mahadeo says a resident doctor has now been installed at the Shulinab Health Centre, to serve the mixed Macushi and Wapichan Region Nine community.

The Shulinab Health Centre

Dr. Mahadeo made this announcement during a two-day outreach to the Region.

“It is the first time this facility is going to have a doctor. This is based on the request made during our last visit for more services to be offered here,” he said.

The Director-General was also commended the doctors who have agreed to serve in remote communities across the country to ensure that persons have access to quality healthcare.

At Shulinab, Dr. Mahadeo said he was confident of Dr. Petriana Surajpaul’s ability to serve the village. Dr. Surajpaul was recently assigned there after serving at Sand Creek and surrounding villages.

“First of all, I want to say thanks to Dr. Surajpaul for being here, for taking up the challenge. She is one of the doctors that we need to commend because when she was advised that she would be coming to the hinterland, she willingly came to the hinterland.

Director-General of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Vishwa Mahadeo addresses staff at the Aishalton District Hospital during a two-day visit to Region 9

It would be a year now. I want to say continue to serve, and thanks on behalf of the Ministry of Health and people of Guyana for taking on that challenge,” Dr. Mahadeo said.   

On duty: Dr. Petriana Surajpaul

The Government is working to meet citizens needs countrywide. Dr. Mahadeo was particularly pleased to have fulfilled his commitment to the 451-strong Shulinab village with the posting of a doctor there.

With the new resident doctor, additional medical services would be available and vulnerable residents such as those who are bedridden would be treated. Shulinab also has several satellites, including Meriwau and Quiko; however, Dr. Surajpaul is not daunted.

The resident doctor said she looks forward to serving and has an interest in ensuring the upward mobility of the Community Health Workers (CHWs). “I will work with them to enhance their skills,” she said.

Earlier, the team wrapped up its visit to the Aishalton District Hospital in the Deep South Rupununi, where plans are onstream to upgrade it to a central healthcare hub. This facility has been manned over the last year by Dr. Quacy Mendonca and a staff of 24. It serves Aishalton and several satellite villages. 

Since taking office in August, the PPP/C Administration has addressed transportation woes at the hospital, providing an all-terrain vehicle to support personnel movements in the Region.  More recently, another doctor was assigned to the sub-district. He is a general practitioner with knowledge of ultrasonography.

Doctor-in-Charge, Aishalton District Hospital, Dr. Quacy Mendonca

Hinterland Coordinator at the Ministry, Mr. Michael Gouveia said, “We already have in the Region one of our Cuban counterparts who has training in ultrasonography. That person was sent in with an ultrasound machine two weeks ago. He is in Lethem at the moment having orientation and will arrive soon.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Mahadeo said his Department is focused on delivering President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali’s mandate of quality healthcare for every citizen, regardless of their geographical location.  In addition to developing the district and regional hospitals, he said training for health staff, especially CHWs are high on the agenda.

The Director-General told the medical staff at Shulinab and Aishalton that another reason for his team’s visit was to interact with them for a better understanding of their immediate needs, and to allow them to collaborate on the development of healthcare in the Region.