Sibling family receives keys to new home from First Lady

A family of six siblings was overjoyed Thursday when they received keys to a brand new, semi-furnished, three-bedroom home from First Lady, Arya Ali in Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara.

The Rasheed siblings lost their father to a fire in 2020, a year after their mother died of heart failure. They have been living with their relatives since the death of their parents, however, things were not working out among them.

The sibling family along with First Lady, Arya Ali

Twenty-eight-year-old Deeyawd Rasheed, the eldest of the six, told media operatives that he is relieved now that his family owns a home.

“For the longest while I never feel so happy and with joy that I receive this home today. This means a lot to me and my siblings because at some point I don’t know if I would ever have owned a home because of the situation that I am facing,” Rasheed said while holding back tears.

Deeyawd, who also has health challenges noted that he is happy that his brothers and sisters will have a home should anything happen to him. 

“They have a home that they can call a home, that today, tomorrow, anything happens to me, they have here, no one has to put them out or they don’t have to go elsewhere,” he expressed.

Meanwhile, the first lady encouraged the siblings to remain strong.

“I know life has given you many challenges, but you’re strong, you’re resilient, and you have persevered. Today I take so much pride in giving you your own home and this is something I want you to cherish and keep your siblings close. It’s some sort of stability and I hope you appreciate the little that we have given you.”

First Lady hands over keys to Deeyawd Rasheed

She said she was compelled to assist the family after learning of Deeyawd’s situation. “I saw it fitting, not only as a mom, but I once grow up in a single-parent home, and I know life can be very challenging and I am sure Rasheed is still facing a lot of challenges […]today he owns his own home of course with sponsors.”

The three-bedroom house was constructed within one year with assistance from donors after Rasheed reached out to the Office of the First Lady seeking its intervention.