Small businesses, vendors add excitement to Mashramani festivities

This year’s Mashramani parade is a sight to behold, with vibrantly decorated floats depicting various aspects of Guyanese life and culture.

The streets are packed with revelers in a mixture of colours, as both children and adults join in the festivities, gyrating to the infectious rhythms of Soca music.

As the parade moves its way through the streets, vendors and small businesses set up shop along the route, selling from food and drinks to colourful trinkets and souvenirs.

Many of them were seen dancing along to the hyped music, enjoying the festive atmosphere as much as the revelers themselves.

Barbecue vendor, Gesmine Nedd, told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that she is thrilled to be back at Mashramani after two years.

“So far, it is very beautiful from what I observed. I am happy, I am so proud… Right now, I am doing barbeque and I have a little thing going on here. I want everyone to come and support me,” an elated Nedd said.

Another vendor, Janice Williams is amazed by the support she received so far, although the road parade is “still picking up.”

“I come home to celebrate with my loved ones, I am sorry my grandbabies are not here they all wanted to come, but next time I will bring them to the Mashramani,” Williams noted. 

Cheryl (only name given), said she is impressed with the floats and the effort that went into creating them and hopes that it comes bigger and better in 2024.

“I am here dancing, selling, looking on… It feels good to be out here with my fellow Guyanese, celebrating our culture and our country,” the woman stated.

“It’s amazing to see all the different aspects of Guyanese culture being celebrated here today. From our Amerindian heritage to our natural resources, there’s something for everyone to enjoy,” Cheryl added.

Mashramani, which means “celebration after hard work” in the Amerindian language, is an annual festival that marks Guyana’s Republic Day.

It is a time when Guyanese come together to celebrate their cultural heritage, rich history, and achievements as a nation.

After two years of hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Guyana is once again celebrating the massive road parade with much fanfare and enthusiasm.

This type of celebration provides a much-needed opportunity for people to come together and revel, and has a significant economic impact, boosting tourism and providing a much-needed injection of revenue for vendors and businesses.