Social Cohesion Department takes sensitisation workshop to Berbice

− residents encouraged to take advantage of department’s programmes

− rehabilitation and maintenance of the Wiruni playground

− donation of sport gear in respective communities

DPI, Guyana, Friday, February 1, 2019

During an outreach to communities along the Berbice River Area, Minister of Social Cohesion, Dr. George Norton called on residents to establish culture groups and take advantage of the various programmes offered by his department.

“We have twelve months to get our actions together, and you have heard about the programmes. I want to encourage you to get involved and tell you more about them so that we can make use of the budget that was passed in the National Assembly… we [govt] are not here to make promises we are here to tell you about our programmes and it must be monitored and fulfilled in the right way… You have a right to lay claims on the monies made available,” he said.

Minister Norton was at the time hosting the department’s sensitisation and awareness exercise in Wiruni and surrounding communities such as Caluni and Ebini.

He said the aim was to see residents from the far-flung communities also representing the country both locally and internationally.

“As long as I remain Minister of Social Cohesion, and whenever we have to present a Guyanese face to the international community, I will bend over backwards to accommodate persons from riverain and hinterland communities like this, especially when they are so young,” the minister stressed.

Meanwhile, the minister has referred issues raised, such as land titling and better communication services among others, to be handled by the respective ministries.

Regional Executive Officer (REO), Orrin Gordon said that the administration is looking to improve residents’ livelihood for 2019. “You are not forgotten at the level of Regional Democratic Council (RDC)… We intend to do work with your communities in terms of your schools, health facilities and infrastructural development for 2019 to be accomplished,” he noted.

The REO also urged residents to inform their respective Toshaos about community matters they need to be addressed so these can be highlighted at the upcoming regional Toshao conference.

Director of Sport, Christopher Jones told the Wiruni residents that his department is prepared to lend support for the continued development of sport in the community.

“I recognise here that you have an excellent playfield… You play volleyball and there is ongoing development of cricket, you also have lights that are affixed to the ground. We would want to further lend support to you through your Toshao by providing whatever necessary sports gear are required for your young people… In whatever way that we can lend support to that development, rest assured that we will do so,” Jones said.

Teachers and Toshaos from Kimbia, Wiruni, Caluni and Ebini were presented with footballs and volleyballs to enable a healthy lifestyle among residents.

Minister Norton and the Sport Director were accompanied by the Assistant Director of Youth, Leslyn Boyce and Acting Programme Coordinator, Natasha Singh-Lewis. The team also hosted a sensitisation and awareness workshop in the Kimbia community.

Neola Damon.

Images: Latchman Singh.