South Dakota Circuit to become a major facility

The South Dakota Circuit, Guyana’s premier home of motor racing, will be transformed into a major facility that will boost the country’s tourism economy.

In an effort to modernise, transform, and diversify the economy, the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club, has entered into a partnership with the Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Finance to facilitate upgrades to the driving track.

GMR&SC has collaborated with the government to facilitate upgrades to the track

Senior Minister in the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance, Dr Ashni Singh said the collaboration falls in line with moves to establish Guyana as a major tourist hub.

“Similarly, as we did about the cricket carnival, we want to replicate the same across all of the major sports that are popular in Guyana. While historically we have been able to attract motor racers from elsewhere in the region, we want to make this a major event. We want to be able to have world-class certifiable racers in Guyana.”

He said some upgrades to the track are necessary to generate and accommodate an influx of internationally recognised and accredited racers competing here.

Works have already started on the upgrades to the GMRSC driving track

“The vision comprises ensuring that we can put out a full calendar of experience and events-based tourism as a product-something to attract people to, and something to generate economic activity. The government has a policy of promoting a vibrant, dynamic tourism sector, and we are taking a number of concrete actions to ensure that this is realised.

“The club is also engaging in its resource mobilisation efforts to ultimately bring the track up to an internationally certifiable level.” He relayed. “Within the next six months, we will have the most modern and best race track in the whole of the Caribbean,” Dr Singh noted.

Chairman of the GMR&SC Mahendra Boodhoo said the intention is to upgrade the facility to Level Three FIA certification. He disclosed that the upgrades to the track should be completed in time for the annual November race.

Chairman of GMRSC, Mahendra Boodhoo

“We’re looking to have our first set of testing done next Wednesday. So, we will invite our first set of drivers to come in and do that testing.”

He expressed gratitude to the government for lending the support to make this vision a reality.

The highly anticipated GMR&SC Race of Champions is set to take place from November 12-13.