Speaker of the National Assembly Spreads joy to Children of his hometown Albouystown

Speaker’s Christmas Outreach Programme continues to spread joy during this festive season.

On Saturday, 19th December, 2020, more than 1000 toys were distributed to children in the Albouystown, Meadow Bank, and Middle Road, La Penitence area.

An Albouystown resident himself, the Hon. Mr. Manzoor Nadir, M.P., Speaker of the National Assembly, received a warm welcome from his hometown residents.

Speaker Nadir extended Christmas greetings to the children who were delighted to receive their toys.

Residents of the Meadow Bank area expressed their gratitude as they received their presents from Mr. Sherlock Issacs, A.A., Clerk of the National Assembly.

Also present were Mr. Ean Mc Pherson, Personal Assistant to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Alanzo Scipio, Production Technician, and seven other Parliamentary Officials.

Representatives from the various communities also expressed their appreciation for the initiative.