Specialist medical doctors graduate from Resident Training Programme

Thirteen medical doctors have graduated from specialised training they received from the Chinese Medical Brigade.

This is the second batch of doctors to graduate from the Resident Training Programme, an initiative of the Ministry of Health and the People’s Republic of China.

Dr. Frank Anthony, Minister of Health

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony delivered remarks at the event which was held at the ministry’s conference room, Brickdam on Tuesday.

“We see a lot of importance in getting more people trained, so it’s not just good enough for us to have medical doctors that are with their undergraduate and coming in and not doing specialised training, because if we are going to offer high quality healthcare, we need to upgrade training and so we have been actively seeking various avenues for this kind of training and I think we have found a very good and reliable partner with the government and people of China,” Dr. Anthony stated.

The minister said an agreement will soon be signed to send doctors to pursue post graduate training in China.

The specialist doctors who graduated from the Resident Training Programme

Guyana has also benefitted in several other ways from the partnership between the two countries, including donation of equipment and the establishment of several new medical centres, which will soon come on stream.

Minister Anthony noted that with all the infrastructural developments taking place in the health sector, like the construction of 12 new hospitals and other upgrades to existing facilities, more medical personnel are needed.

Dr. Natasha France receives her certificate

“In all of these hospitals we will need persons with additional skills, we want to maintain in each of these hospitals,12-hour accident and emergency service, we want to have a good surgical service, where we will have two operating theatres, we want to have orthopedic service, we want to provide paediatric service [and] internal medicine. For all of this we need more people and we need people who will be going out to take on responsibilities in these hospitals.

Guo Haiyan, Chinese Ambassador to Guyana

Chinese Ambassador to Guyana, Guo Haiyan congratulated the doctors who have now improved their diagnostic and treatment skills.

She noted that China and Guyana have committed to expanding this collaboration by exchanging best practices and skills.

Dr. Daniel Josh Kanhai receives his certificate

“Now Guyana is facing huge opportunity for economic and social development and the demand for high quality medical services increase sharply. China is willing to take this opportunity to make joint efforts with Guyana to promote bilateral cooperation, collaboration in various fields, including health sector and continuously contribute to the high-quality development of Guyana’s HealthServices,” the Chinese Ambassador stated.