Sports Halls for Regions One, Three, Seven, Eight, Nine in 2023

The Peoples Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Government plans to build new sports halls that will benefit thousands of hinterland residents, especially athletes next year.

These facilities will be placed in Regions One, Three, Seven, Eight and Nine as the Culture, Youth and Sports Ministry plans to spearhead the integration of more sports into these communities in a big way in 2023.

Director of Sports, Steve Ninvalle

Director of Sports, Steve Ninvalle made the announcement on Friday at the opening of Heritage Games 2022.

“We are having funds to make sure that there is the construction of sports halls in all of these regions to the tune of $80 million each,” he disclosed.

Ninvalle told athletes that their participation is a testament to the fact that the government believes in supporting young people countrywide.

“This could not have happened without Minister Pauline Sukhai and her team, who have put their shoulders to the wheel and I would want to say again, that we plan on working in a much more cohesive way,” he said.

The annual Heritage Games was conceptualised 17 years ago. It aims to bring sport teams from all the hinterland regions to compete against each other in various disciplines.

The Sports Director revealed that there have been improvements over the years. Plans are afoot to collaborate with the Amerindian Affairs Ministry to ensure the next heritage games are hosted on a much larger platform.
“We at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport would want to join to make sure that on your 18th birthday next year, we will have something that is on a grander scale. So, I will ask you to put your hands together for yourselves, who have been doing and making this such a grand occasion,” Ninvalle said.

Sports teams across the regions will be participating in many sports disciple over the next three days.