Sports Ministry launches badminton nursery to train youths

Young Guyanese will now be able to commence training in the fundamentals of badminton as the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport through the National Sport Commission (NSC) launched its badminton nursery on Monday.

The launch held at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, Homestretch Avenue was brought to fruition with the collaborative efforts of the Guyana Badminton Association (GBA).

Minister with badminton team

With the development of the nursery, the association aims to create a pillar of learning in the various components of the sport, to expand Guyana’s badminton reach countrywide, as well as internationally.

Culture, Youth and Sports Minister, Charles Ramson said the nursery “is going to help to translate and transform badminton into something a lot more special.”

He further announced that the ministry and its team will monitor the sport to ensure it gains the recognition it deserves. It also plans to introduce the sport throughout Guyana.

Minister partaking in the opening

“We are going to be monitoring what’s happening here very rigidly to see how it’s unfolding and how it can get the kind of support so that it expands.”

Director of Sport, Steve Ninvalle in his address stated that, “badminton is the third discipline to start their nursery.”

This important component will mould, guide and nurture athletes providing them with the skill to rise and dominate the art of the sport.

The Sports Director further relayed the association and ministry’s commitment to firmly support the newly commissioned nursery. He also extended gratitude to the minister for enabling young athletes the opportunity to train and get exposure.

Minister watching the proceedings of the sport

“The National School Commission and by extension the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport has stood true to their word that this will not be a talk shop, this will be something that we will see to the end. And I do want to thank the Honourable Minister for this initiative that is going to see our National Grid being exposed to more young, developed and talented sports men and women.”

Persons between the ages of 11 to 16 years who are interested in joining the badminton nursery can do so by visiting the Queen’s College Auditorium or the Guyana National Gymnasium from Monday through Friday.