St George’s High students accommodated at South Ruimveldt Secondary

One hundred and twenty students of St George’s High School are being accommodated at the South Ruimveldt Secondary School this new term.

They are part of the 421 temporary displaced students from the school which was destroyed by a fire of electrical origin back in July. The school was located on Church Street and North Road, Georgetown.

Headteacher of South Ruimveldt Secondary welcoming her students

On what was a busy first day, Headteacher of South Ruimveldt Secondary, Donna Lewis-Isles took the time to warmly welcome and escort the students to their respective classrooms.

One of the teachers, Ronella Harris offered some advice to the students.

Stay focused, a lot of students tend to feel displaced during the new school year because they don’t know what to expect in the new term, but I do believe once focused [and] there is guidance and diligence for them, anything is possible and success is always within reach,” she emphasised.

Students during assembly at the Tucville Secondary School

Meanwhile, as full face-to-face sessions began across all education districts, DPI caught up with students from schools in South Georgetown, the Lodge, Tucville, North and South Ruimveldt, and Dolphin Secondary Schools, who were all smiles.

Headteacher of the Lodge Secondary School, Grace Innis- Lewis expressed her excitement for the full return of students to the classrooms.

I am always excited for the education of the youths, especially the young students of Lodge Secondary School because of the strong need to educate quality students for our society”, she said.

Headteacher of the Tucville Secondary School, Carolyn Fraser–Grenville expressed similar sentiments, I am happy for our students – for the last two years being able to have our students back, set the pace for the new school year.”

Full face-to-face engagement begins across all education districts

The month of September is designated education month and this year’s theme is ‘Transforming Education’.

The government through the Ministry of Education continues to invest in new and transformative learning materials, with improved techniques being utilised in the classrooms.