Stakeholders equipped with information to prepare for rainy season

As Hydromet Office hosts 16th biannual National Climate Outlook Forum

Stakeholders from various sectors were furnished with essential tools and climate information to prepare for the forthcoming May-June rainy season, enabling them to make well-informed decisions.

This was made possible through the 16th National Climate Outlook Forum which got underway at the Herdmanston Lodge Hotel in Georgetown, on Wednesday.

Chief Hydrometeorological Officer, Dr Garvin Cummings delivering remarks at the forum’s opening on Wednesday

The event was hosted through a collaborative effort between the Hydrometeorological Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO).

Discussions were aimed at enhancing climate literacy and fostering a shift towards a risk management approach, which makes use of probability forecasts, thus building the resilience of climate-sensitive sectors.

During the event’s formal opening, Chief Hydrometeorological Officer, Dr Garvin Cummings said several areas will be highlighted, with strong emphasis on the agriculture sector.

“I think that [the] involvement or inclusion of FAO is a clear signal of the importance that agriculture plays in Guyana’s economy, but [it is] also an indication of the kind of impacts that severe weather can have on agriculture,” he disclosed.

Scene from the biannual National Climate Outlook Forcum (NCOF), which boosts climate literacy among stakeholders for extreme rainy weather

Dr Cummings further elaborated on the forum’s objectives, emphasising the department’s research in agrometeorology and hydrometeorology.

Efforts to enhance stakeholders’ access to quality climate information for informed decision-making were also highlighted.

“One of the things that we have attempted to do over the years….is to improve the kind of service that you have access to, also the data that you have access to. We want to ensure that you have access to quality data so that you can use it in your decision-making,” he emphasised.

The biannual event precedes the rainy season, serving to familiarise stakeholders with climate information and communicate uncertainties for the upcoming period.

Representatives from the various agriculture agencies, Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Civil Defence Commission (CDC), Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), Maritime Administration Department (MARAD), and the Private Sector Commission participated in the discurse.